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Mike Adams by Annie Adams

I don’t fix you.You’re not broken.
I help you help yourself. There’s a difference.

You’re the hero; I’m the guide. You’re Luke; I’m Obi Won.

You know that you are more than what you are.

I help 50 somethings do shit that matters.

You feel called to play a bigger game, do what you love,
help others, make money and enjoy life, but you have doubts.

What if I suck? What if they laugh? Can I really make $?
Is now the right time? Am I enough? Who am I to lead?

I’ve been there. I did what I love for 25 years.
Now, I’m starting over.

I’m scared too. We need us.


Start, Grow & Scale Your Business That Matters

Starting Your Business as a Path to Do Shit That Matters

How to start your business that matters, from deciding which idea is right, defining who you are and what is your message, and who you serve. How to set up your web site and marketing that attracts your right crowd.


Growing Your Business as a Path to Do Shit That Matters

I’m  not going to BS you. It’s a noisy world. It’s hard to stand out. It’s hard to rise above the noise and become the trusted advisor. Being a Business That Matters is the difference between surviving and thriving.


Scaling Your Business as a Path to Do Shit That Matters

You’ve reached trusted expert status and now you’re looking to increase sales, increase freedom and/or educate and inspire the next generation. This is your roadmap. Buckle in.


I Have a Confession.

I'm Mike, a Work in Progress.

I don't have a PhD, not even a Masters. 

I never went to seminary. In confirmation class, at Messiah Lutheran,  in 1972 Yorba Linda,  The Lake Wobegon of California's Orange County,  I was searching for Margie Rost, the little brown-hair girl, not Jesus. I didn't find either.

God has not spoken to me, not even on Snapchat.

I'm married and have 3 kids, all of them way above average, just like yours. I was a photographer for 25 years, did what I loved and made money, and then I fell apart and my business followed me.

There are chapters I don't want to read out loud. 

I"m middle of the road, a bit scarred and scared, and maybe that makes me the right messenger.

My journey is your journey. Your dance is my dance.

We want the same thing: feel fully alive in the middle of everyday life. We want inner and outer success. We want to fullfill our potential, do what we love, make money, enjoy life, help others, and make the world a better place. Pick you order.

I don't want to be on my deathbed and think, like Tolstoy's Ivan Ilych, I screwed up. I didn't live as I ought. I let fear stear. I didn't show up. I want to live a life that matters.

If this feels like you, Let's Do Shit That Matters.


Play Golf That Matters

Start Playing Golf That Matters

Golf can be about just score. It can also be about a lot more than score. If you’re starting to play and want to play your biggest and best game, start here.

Grow Your Golf Game That Matters

If you’re shooting about 100 and want to play a bigger game and lower your score, start here.

Hone Your Golf Game That Matters

If you’re stuck around 80, want to lower your score, raise your appreciation of the game and inspire others to play their biggest and best game, tee it up here.

Are You A Reluctant Hero?
Take The Road Less Traveled.

Business as Unusual.

It’s a Noisy World.
It’s Quiet There.
If You Want To Get Heard,
Market Deeper.
It’s a Noisy World.
If You Want To Lead,
Be The Guide.



Loved the iphone class. It was great to see how you look for the best light and set up the shot. My photos have never been better!

Debbie Wones

Best 3 hours and $79 I”ve spent. We spent $1,000 on a fancy schmancy camera
and no one knew how to use it! Now, I”m a fancy camera badass!
Thank You!!

Bill Jones

Loved the photography seminar! I tried to read the manual but I didn’t get it.
You made it so easy! Feel like I can now take some great photos for my blog.

Valerie Howard

I love this! At some point, we must begin. Sometimes that beginning is against others’ advice. Sometimes we begin against the voices that shout in our heads with fear. Sometimes we begin not knowing everything we need to know. But begin WE MUST! One thing is sure: If we don’t begin, failure is ours to keep.

Adam Monson photographer/Santa Fe, NM


Love the photographs and the bocci ball video. Our residents had a great time working with you.

Ernie Sandlin Director of Marketing/University Village, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Class was great. Straight forward and fun. I learned a lot, especially about the importance of writing.

Jane Robinson photographer - Memphis, TN.

Great seminar! There was so much good, pratical info that I could barely keep up with my notes. Excited to get home and implement. Thanks!

Bill Rodgers baker - Las Vegas, NV