The answer is yes. In some way, self doubt is holding you back, me too, all of us. It’s self […]

Grow Your Small Business Here

What’s Your Revolution? It’s not about you. Not your product. Not your service. People don’t give a shit.It’s just part […]

“Everybody Has A Plan…

…until they get punched in the face.” Mike Tyson That’s the challenge, isn’t it? We want to be a spiritual […]

How To Live Your Life.

The #1 deathbed regret is not living your life. You lived another life:society, family, church, quiet desperation… You became Ivan […]

No One is An Atheist.

Everyone has a God. Success. Likes. God. Spirit. Environment. Evolution. String Theory.┬áBeing Cool. My Team. My Kids. My Shit. It’s […]