Let’s be honest.

How To Market a Small Business is hard.

First, It’s a noisy world.

Your prospect gets about 5000 ad impressions a day. My product is better.
Mine is faster. Cheaper. Shinier. New and improved. Mine is for hipsters.
This one will get you sex. That one will save you money.

Of those 5000, about 12 stick. You have a better chance of impressing
Kate Upton or Ryan Reynolds.

17% of page views last less than 4 seconds. 4% of page views
last more than 10 minutes.

Time is measured in nanoseconds. Soundbites are full meals.

In an ADD Worlld, how to market a small business has become
a complex question.

In 2017, attention is the most precious stone.

Nothing else comes close.

Not only is it noisy, it’s fragmented. Web sites. Blogs. Instagram.
Facebook. Local cable. They even have these things called newspapers.
They’re printed on paper and show up in the bushes near the bottom
of your driveway. Tomorrow, there will be something else.

In today’s noisy and distracted world, the central question, for marketers,
is how do we get attention.Then, how do you connect and eventually,
if all goes well, become the trusted advisor in your niche?

That’s the Holy Grail.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a service or a product, small ticket or big ticket, old school or new school, whether you’re a new business or a cagey veteran,
how do you get attention, develop a connection and earn trust? That’s it.

The problem is that the playing field has changed.

Noise demands a new answer. The King’s clothes are tattered.
The old answer is not working. The old answer is the noise.

It’s hard to get heard. It’s hard to stand out. It’s easy to be ignored.

In today’s distracted and framented marketplace, how to market
a small business is not easy. You can’t just throw up an ad,
billboard, brochure, or web site. It takes more than traditional marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

In traditional marketing, it’s, as Jonah Sachs pointed out in his excellent book and Ted Talk, Winning The Story Wars, a two step: induce anxiety and then
provide a solution.

You don’t have enough status. Buy a Lexus. You’re fat. Take this diet pill.
You have wrinkles. Use this lotion.

Sachs call this the Dark Art of Marketing. Create feelings of inadequacy.
Stimulate immature desires and provide a fix. This marketing is an
appeal to what Abraham Maslow termed deficiency needs:
safety, food, shelter, esteem, belonging… They are the “lower half”
of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs.

It’s Madmen advertising.

It’s just that this type of marketing is incomplete. It misses the true mark.
It’s only the lower third of the pyramid. It’s also what every business does.
If you only play this game, you’re entering a bloody arena.

This is where the sharks swim. It’s where the waters are the bloodiest.
It’s where businesses go to die.

Maybe you know that land or you’re headed in that direction.

There is a different game, business as unusual, a way to market that works, that attracts attention, develops connection, earns trust, and feels right.

It’s time that we reinvent small business marketing.

It’s time to play a bigger game.

In today’s noisy world, how do you market a small business?

Instead of marketing to just the base needs,
we also market to the “higher needs.”

What your clients want, what you want, what we all want is, as Joseph Campbell, writer and mythologist, said, “the experienceof being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

I think we’re here to grow up and help others grow up and
one does not happen without the other.

Your customer wants to feel fully alive. You want to feel fully alive.
We’re in this together.

Maslow called these “higher needs” self esteem, self realization and self transcedence.

We have this drive to become our identity, fulfill our potential and then to connect to “greater than me.” We want our life to connect to something “greater than I.” We want our life to be about more than our life. We want to matter.

It’s why we jump out of airplanes. Ride motorcycles. Have kids. Have sex. Get a better job.Go on a better vacation. Wear face paint at an NFL game.

The problem is that we’re selling our customers short.
We’re selling ourselves short.

We’re about more than defiency needs, much more. We’re complex. We have depth, even you middle age guys, especially you middle age guys.

As Carl Jung said, “We walk around in shoes far too small for us.”

You’re more than the role of a business owner.
Your customer is more than the role of a customer.

What you want, what your customer wants is meaning, that sense that “I” is connected to greater than “I,” that the sacred is in the secular,
that the everday is infused with the sublime.

This has different names. Bliss. Happiness. Joy. Flow. Living the Tao.
Doing God’s will. Being one with the cosmos. Meaning. Pick one.

Whether we realize it or not, it’s what we’re selling and
what the customer is buying.

It’s not a what. It’s, as Simon Sinek articulated in Start With Why, a why.

It’s the mother of all drives.

Our marketing needs to reflect that depth. In the age of noise,
it’s the ante for attention, connection and trust.

It’s the whisper that gets heard. It’s the way to lead by being a guide.

It’s not about your product or service. It’s about you and your customer
answering a bigger call.

If you don’t connect at all levels, your customers will keep being distracted.
You’re just part of the nosie. You’ll be part of the 17%.

If you connect at all levels, you get attention, connection and trust.
It’s what your customers want.

Let’s start a revolution.

Let’s make business about more than business. Let’s make marketing
about more than making money.

Let’s do Business As Unusual.

Let’s be a part of the solution, not the problem.
Life is too precious to be and do anything less.

You can either follow the crowd and get lost in the noise.
Be ignored. Be the silent majority.

Or, you can play a bigger and different game. Connect. Inspire.
Inspire others to inspire.

I help small businesses connect and inspire.

It’s what I do. It’s why I’m here. It’s my inside connecting with my outside.
It’s my rapture.

I create content – videos, written and audio – that helps small and medium buisnesses connect in a noisy world. Some of it cost money; some of it is free.

The stuff that cost money is better. It’s takes me longer to produce and is more hands on. It’s less what and why and more how to. It will help you connect faster.

Each month, it’s about the price of a cup of fancy schmancy coffee.

If you want to stand out in a noisy world and want to help
small business play a bigger game, join us.

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