If You Like What I Write, You'll Love My Talk.

When I Speak, I Use More Gel. Everything Else is The Same.














The best compliment I get,
and what I aim for, is that people call me an engaging speaker.

I light a fire. They learn something new. They learn something old in a new way. Perspective shifts. 

There are signs.

  • Laughter
  • I don't ask but cell phones go on vibrate
  • There's more people in the room at the end than at the beginning
  • After about 2 minutes, people get out paper and pen
  • There's a lot of people asking to borrow paper and pen
  • More laughter
  • There's leftover water, coffee and day old cookies
  • I hear hmm, ah, oh and people tap their finger on their chin
  • There's more cowbell
  • There's a group hug and we sing "We Are The Champions." 

If no one laughs at my presentation, something has gone horribly wrong. If someone doesn't have an aha moment, something has gone wrong.

I'm seriously funny or funny in a serious way;
I'm not sure which.

Laughter is the best medicine. It's also the best way to learn.

Here are some possible topics:

  • Connecting With Your Clients
  • Writing That Sells
  • Writing That Doesn't Blow
  • Using Your Fancy Schmancy Camera for Marketing Photography/Video
  • Using Your Iphone for Marketing Photography/Video
  • How to Design a Website That Sells
  • Why Your Web Site Blows
  • Why No One Cares About Your Marketing
  • How to Find Your Authentic Writing Voice without Using LSD
  • How To Get Heard In a Noisy World
  • The Art & Science of Small Business Marketing
  • Marketing For The Home Business Owner

Of course, titles can be changed to protect the innocent,
but you get the idea.

Let's cause a rukus.

Let's have some fun.
Let's change some hearts and minds.

The world does not need another speaker that uses a bunch of words
that end in "ize."

I"ve spoken at local Rotary groups and I've presented at National Conventions. I"m open. 

Fees range from free to lots, depending on my mood and whether golf is included.

Call me at 805/279-5333. Email. Use my fancy schmancy contact form.


Here Are Some Semi Legitimate Reviews: