Why Me

mike adams writer
Mike Adams by Annie Adams

Hi. I’m Mike.

What gets me up in the morning, besides my semi-regular peeon, is being fully alive before I’m dead.

I call this growing up. It has other names.

Being in the moment. Living the infinite in finite. 
Self Realization. Living my highest self. 
Living the Tao. Flow. Individuation. 
Living a bigger life. Pick one.

This is the thing.

Small business and small business marketing is 
the perfect place to grow up.

So is golf. So is midlife.

Growing up happens in the middle of the village. Business can be about more than business. 
Marketing can be about more than marketing.

Not only that, in today’s hyper competitive market, it’s the ante for making money. It’s the ticket for connecting and making impact and meaning.

You can’t do the same old marketing bullshit and connect.
Without playing a bigger game, you’re just part of the noise. You’ll drown.

Your message misses the mark. You feel like you’re talking to an empty room or you’re talking to a room full of people on their phones that are texting, Facebooking and Instagraming, all at the same time.

You’re not making the money and making the impact that you deserve.
You’re working too hard for too little.
Maybe you know the feeling.

I’m not an expert. There are no letters after my name.
I never went to seminary. In confirmation class, 
at Messiah Lutheran Church, down the path from the 
Little League fields, in 1972 Yorba Linda,
the Lake Wobegon of Orange County, California, 
I was looking for the little brown hair girl, 
Margie Rost, not Jesus. I didn’t find either.

I did apply to be a Universal Life Minister. They turned 
me down, something about streaking through a college campus, 
jumping in a cold fountain, and then running the half mile back. 

I have no idea what they’re talking about but I can’t run 
for political office. For those of you that were there, 
there was shrinkage. Really, there was. No bullshit.

If you want to grow up, join us.
Sign up. Subscribe. Follow. Be my friend. Let’s hang out.
I promise. There won’t be any shrinkage.